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Carneros, Napa California


Pinot Noir & Chardonnay

Our family proudly established Corotto Vineyard two decades ago to carry on the over 40 year tradition of producing world class fruit on this land and providing winegrapes to some of Napa Valley's most well known wineries. As growers, we know that the reputation of a vineyard is elevated when leading wineries choose your fruit to turn out phenomenal wines.

Corotto Vineyard is 33 acres and ideally located between Napa and Sonoma in the heart of the Carneros appellation. Our vineyard is planted with pinot noir and chardonnay winegrapes that have been carefully selected and are ideally suited for growing exceptional fruit.

Our winemaking partners are producing ultra premium pinot noir and chardonnay wines from our Carneros grapes and we are delighted to be partnered with them.



Carneros winegrapes are the hardest working grapes in wine country. In addition to being cooler, the Carneros region is much drier than other appellations in Sonoma and Napa Valley and the soil and climate conditions dictate that grapes grown here will struggle to produce fruit.


The distinct terroir combined with a long growing season - which increases hang time - results in a low yield of highly concentrated fruit. Carneros' natural temperment tests the best winegrape grower's skills, but we are rewarded with grapes that are highly sought after by world class wineries.


Corotto Vineyards | Carneros Napa Valley | Dealy Lane
Corotto Vineyard | Map | Planting Blocks


Vineyard Management

Corotto Vineyard is managed in partnership with Walsh Vineyard Management. As growers, we embrace environmentally friendly farming practices such as conserving soils and water, establishing raptor and avian roosts to control pests and rodents naturally, and using cover crops to naturally enrich the vines with nutrients. These ongoing vineyard management techniques are the basis for our sustained fruit quality that results in fine wine.​


Key to Vineyard Blocks:

Block A: Pinot noir, planted in 1995 with Trefethen clone and rootstock 110R. It is 6.2 acres and the vines are planted 6' x 11.'

Block B: Chardonnay, planted in 1994 with Trefethen Clone rootstock 5C. It is 4.9 acres and vines are planted 6 x 11.'

Block C: Chardonnay, planted in 1996 with a #96 clone. It is 4.9 acres and the vines are planted 6' x 9.'

Block D: Pinot noir, planted in 2008. Rows 1-16 are the 115R clone and rows 17-33 are the 777 clone. It is 3 acres and the vines are spaced 7'x 5.'

Block E: Pinot noir, planted in 2017 with rootstock 1103P.

Block F: Pinot noir, planted in 2000 with Trefethen clone rootstock 101-14. It is 4.3 acres and the vine spacing is 4' x 7.'

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